Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As you may know, I have a car...

I like to drive said car as it is easier than walking around.  Granted, that's not very "green" of me, but I live in Iowa and public transportation is basically a joke.

This morning, Henry and I went to the car to drive it to daycare and work.  On the way out, I noticed that the tire that had been slowly leaking was now completely flat.  Curses! 

I plopped Henry in to his car seat and went to the garage, thankful that we have an air compressor.  After fighting with the extension cord, air compressor was plugged in and we were ready to fix-n-go.
Just kidding.  Where's the tire-inflating attachment?  Easy enough, I'll just call the husband.

Just kidding.  The husband apparently misunderstood me.  My "Where is the thing??" in his mind turned in to "What is the thing I need??" and he described in detail to me what it looked like.  I ignored him and found it myself.  Good to go!

Just kidding.  I could not for anything figure out how to get the blowy attachment off and the tire-fixing attachment on.  I grew very angry.  Nothing I pulled, turned or twisted could get that damn thing off.  Until, all of the sudden, I apparently twisted the wrong thing and the wrong attachment literally flew off the hose.  Literally.  Flying.  Curse words ensued.  I then went to sit in the car with Henry, who was having a great time making faces and clapping in his monkey mirror.  I was angry.  He made me less angry.  I needed to call the husband so he could come save me from the air compressor.

Just kidding.  I went back, and was able to easily remove the stupid attachment and attach the fixing attachment and then fix my tire. 

Moral of the story:  Cars are stupid, air compressors are stupid and tires are stupid, but babies making faces in monkey mirrors are wonderful.

*Upward Hand Motion

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