Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tri-Fecta: Part 1

Today is the cousin's birthday.  I have many cousins, but only one who I refer to as "the cousin".  That is because she is a wonderful girl and one of my very closest friends.  Growing up, we always said that we needed to find some one whose birthday was February 12th, since hers is January 12th and mine is March 12.  Henry and I made that happen last year, with him being born on February 12th.  So, the super duper birthday tri-fecta has no officially ben established. 

One would think that this event would be celebrated with much pomp and circumstance.  It's not.  I sent her some skeleton bandages and some cat butt gum and posted a picture of Henry holding a sign for her on Facebook.  That's about all we got so far.

The picture was not easy to get:

It worked out in the end, though:

So, happy birthday cousin, happy 11 months baby boy, and happy almost 30th to me!

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