Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Love Summer and I Love Lists

So, naturally, I shall now combine the two in one big fabulous post.

Everyone has seen the "101 Things To Do With Your Kid This Summer" lists, but I want to make one especially for my Henry.  You know, because he's pretty amazing.  He didn't get to do many of these things last year seeing as he was still pretty tiny, and the things he did do he didn't really care about whatsoever.  This year, he'll actually be able to enjoy them, and I can't wait to see him learning and growing all summer long.

I liked the idea so much, I even edited a picture about it.  Now THAT'S commitment.

Henry's Second Summer of Firsts:

  • Play in the sand at the beach.
  • Watch 4th of July fireworks.
  • Go to the zoo.  I'm cheating a little here.  We've already gone to the Bever Park Petting Zoo and to Niabi Zoo this summer.  But those are VERY important events.
  • Go to a balloon glow. 
  • Eat corn on the cob.  Or, eat corn off the cob.  I'm not sure which one is grammatically correct.
  • Eat some funnel cake.
  • Eat some ice cream on a picnic table after buying it from a walk-up ice cream parlor.
  • Look at a firefly up close.
  • Take Maggie swimming.
  • Eat a bug (it's going to happen anyway, so let's just embrace it).
  • Go swimming (not on our porch).
  • Ride a bike or bike-like contraption for babies (if you learn to walk).
  • Learn to walk.
  • Learn to crawl.
  • Ride a carousel outside at a fair.
  • Play in some dirt.
  • Go to the downtown farmers' market and buy some delicious treats.
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk.
  • Eat some watermelon right off the rind.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Dance at an outdoor concert.
  • Eat a s'more (or just a roasted marshmallow).
  • Pick flowers.
  • Throw rocks in some water.
  • Swing in a hammock.
I may think of more later, but this is what I've got right now.  Let me know if you can think of any must-do summer activities for a 15 month old. 

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  1. Your list sounds FUN!!! I might add swing (in a toddler swing, seatbelt on... always a Grandma, sorry) and go down a slide on Mom or Dad's lap... warning if he likes it you may have to repeat, repeat, repeat!! :)

    Have a fun time playing with Mom and Dad Henry!!! Connie