Friday, August 30, 2013

The dangers of the forest.

Watch out for deer, Henry!
I often go for walks on a lovely trail near my house. It's the back-end of a neighboring park and the trails twist and turn through the forest. On these walks, I often see deer frolicking and doing deer-type things amongst the trees. Sometimes, they stand on the trail ahead of me watching as I inch closer and closer. It's beautiful; I love seeing them and when they notice me it's a bit magical. The excitement grows with every step, getting closer and closer to these beautiful creatures.

 But then, there's always a moment where I think, "hmmm, wait. I may be a bit too close." Then, I wonder if the deer is actually a bit mentally unstable. What if this one's out for blood? I'm far too close... this one may be one of those killer deer whose mom was killed by some SUV and is plotting its revenge as I creep up to it. Those hooves are pointy, you know. They can do damage. I'll be some snippet on the news, "Debbie, age 31, was hooved mercilessly by nature. The deer police have not made any arrests and are not likely to." It usually scampers off not long after these thoughts overtake me. But still. It's something to think about.

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