Wednesday, December 7, 2011

These are the things that concern me about my baby:

  1. When I hold him up, he won't support his weight on his legs.  I am 20% afraid that he is unable to do it, and 80% afraid that he just knows how much I want him to and refuses.
  2. He still doesn't have his teeth.  They're there, four of them sitting just below the surface, waiting for the perfect time to erupt. 
  3. Background:  our cat Murphy is an ass.  Before Henry came along, he would bite and scratch and lay in wait for the right time to leap out and attempt to murder you.  Now, he is the nicest cat in the world.  Henry adores him, and Murphy allows him to hit him and pull his hair.  I'm concerned that my child may have some secrety power over the animals.  I hope that he uses his power for good and not evil.
  4. Sometimes, he licks me.  That's kind of weird.
  5. He doesn't like food.  He likes baby food, but very few human foods.  I guess this really only concerns me because I'm tired of buying baby food.

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