Thursday, January 19, 2012

As you may know...

I have a job. 

Recently, at said job, I have been assigned a new duty.  That duty is to order office supplies and that is fantastic because I love office supplies.  I love them so much.  Henry is going to hate me so much when it's back to school time, because I'm going to be like those parents dancing up and down the aisles in that Staples commercials and he's going to be mad that summer is over, he has to go back to school, and that his mother is such a dork.

I met with our Office Express rep today, and it was magical.  She brought me new catalogs AND samples!  Yes, samples!  I got two new pens and pink binder clips!  Score!

Anywho, she was getting ready to leave, and she couldn't find her visitor badge anywhere!  She was looking and looking and looking and I was looking and looking and looking and neither of us could find it.  Where could it be?  Then, I realized I was wearing it.  How did that happen?  No idea.  It made me giggle.

*upward hand motion

Click here to see the Staples commercial. I'll totally be that guy.

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  1. One word. "Wow" That is all. -Harnatron