Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For all the Duggar-hating jerkfaces, here is a list of reasons why I love them and you should too:

    Think they could use one more?
    My middle name is Jo, it could work.
  • Michelle Duggar has every right to have as many children as she wants to.  Thankfully, in our country, women are allowed to choose when they would like to have children, how many chilren they would like to have and how to raise them.  Telling Michelle that she should "shut her legs" and to stop "popping them out" is insulting to her and to women who enjoy reproductive freedom.  Be happy that you and Michelle can do what you want with your bodies.
  • Each and everyone of their children (from what I gather on the television) is happy, healthy, well-fed, clothed, educated and articulate.  Can you say that for every family you come in contact with?
  • I have seen Jim Bob have intimate conversations with his children, full well knowing that they would be on television.  Nothing personal, but displaying intimate knowledge of his children and their needs.  I hope that I can be that candid with Henry some day.
  • They are debt-free, and were even before they made gobs and gobs of money from their television show.  They live frugally and are conscious of their purchases.  There are only 3 of us and we haven't been able to do it.
  • Living your faith can be difficult, especially when you are in the spotlight (oh, how I know that...because I'm so famous and all...) and they continue to give glory to God and live as great Christian examples every single day. 
Who cares if one of them posed naked in a picture or two?  I would be willing to bet that the Duggars themselves would forgive and support that family member much more quickly than anyone else would.

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