Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've been trickstered. 

I enjoy coffee, but I enjoy it more with loads of sugar-filled artificial creamer.  The artificial delicousness makes me happy.

I purchased a new bottle of said creamer and prepared to dump too much of the French Vanilla goodness in to my crappy office coffee.  When I pulled the protective seal off the bottle, I was alarmed at the lack of creamer in the bottle!  It seemed to be half empty!  Upon investigation (Nancy Drew style right here!) I found that despite the fact that the bottles were the same size, my Hazelnut Creamer was 15oz and my French Vanilla was only 10!  You Great Value bastards!

See?  Even Stevens, right?

Just kidding!  Less!  Mua ha ha ha ha! 
Oh, those jerks.  Then, oh then, I dumped what was supposed to be my delicous sugar-laced confection into my cup and I took and drink and BLECK!  It was sugar free!  Tricked again!!  Disgrossting!

That vile creamer is now in the break room waiting to trick my co-workers (take that, suckers) and I have delicous Vanilla Caramel creamer from Hy-Vee (they are much nicer than Wal-Mart) and it's even 15oz.  Yay for my caffeine/sugar high!

Ahhh!  That's the stuff!

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