Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So, this is what has happened since the last time I posted:

  • My love of candy bars has been re-ignited.  I have rediscovered Heath bars and I am sad that I forgot about them. 
  • I decided to get a breast reduction.  Yeah, big news, right?  It's scheduled for April 26th.  I have already had my initial mammogram, then another mammogram because they found something abnormal (which they said could likely happen) and it was nothing.  I'll keep you in the loop from now on, I promise.
  • The tri-fecta is complete!  Cousin's birthday was January 12th, Henry's was February 12th, then mine on March 12th.  The world did not implode from the magnitude of awesomeness as we had hypothesized, but it was pretty stellar nonetheless.
  • A lady at work brought me a clock while I was obviously complaining about how stressed out I am to other co-workers.  She attempted to hand it to me, explaining that I know how to "take care of everything" and she couldn't figure out why the clock was flashing, when she had been attempting to change the time on it.  I refused to take it.  I asked her if she had checked the batteries.  I asked her if she had moved any of the switches on the back.  She said she had no idea.  I told her to fix it herself.  This morning, I found it laying on the counter in the training rooms.  I fixed it.  What would these people do without me?
  • Henry is still not crawling/walking.  Oh well.

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