Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An actual conversation about fishing.

(scene:  the husband, the father-in-law, and I just returned from a fishing expedition)

Henry:  Momma!  You went fishing!
Me:  Yes, love, I did.  And I caught a fish!
Henry:  Momma caught a fish!  A fish!  You caught a fish!
Me:  Yep, I sure did!  It was just a little fish, though.
Henry:  Momma caught a little fish!
(the husband walks in)
Henry:  Daddy, you caught a big fish!  You caught a big fish and Momma caught a little fish!
Me:  Hey, wait.  No.  Your daddy didn't catch a fish.  Only Mommy caught a fish.
Henry:  Daddy caught a big fish and Mommy's fish was little!

Note: the problem here is that Mike caught exactly ZERO fish and Terry caught exactly ZERO fish and I caught ONE fairly decent catfish that I was and still am proud of.

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