Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm not the first one to do this...

...but I'm going to, anyway. 

For some reason, a new "breast cancer awareness" game is popping up on Facebook.  I have no idea why, it's not breast cancer awareness month, but I suppose now is as good as a time as any other.  Messages are being sent to women, telling them to change their statuses to "I'm going to (place designated by the month of your birth) for (amount of time designated by the date of your birth)."  The message warns you not to tell the men in your life (your Facebook life, anyway) about this big secret game and encourages you to post to spread awareness throughout the world (!).  Past messages have encouraged posting the color of your bra (that "news story" made it to Good Morning America) and where you like to put your purse (where you "liked it"...tee hee!  that sounds like SEX!). 

Here's the thing:  I don't get it.  How exactly is this spreading awareness for breast cancer?  How is this making anyone think of breast cancer in any way shape or form?  If you want to play a silly internet game and confuse people, then play a stupid internet game and confuse people; don't throw breast cancer in to it just for fun.  Cancer isn't really something that should be taken lightly and something that you should include just to get peole to buy in to your internet meme.  What if I said I was going to raise awareness for murder victims by playing hopscotch but (shhhh) don't tell anyone under 40 why I'm playing hopscotch.  I'm going to keep that a secret to confuse them! 

Anyone who has fought cancer or has watched a family member fight cancer deserves much more respect than to have the situation made in to a Facebook game.  Show respect and learn the facts to protect yourself and your family.
Click here for *actual* breast cancer information.

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