Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pickles, please!

This kid does not like solids.  We've tried so many things:  cupcakes, pancakes, cookies, candy, bread, fruit, etc. so on and so forth.  The usual reaction:  he makes a face like we're trying to kill him, he spits it out, then fake gags for a while just to be sure he got his point across.  It would be pretty annoying if it weren't so damn cute.  No, wait.  Yeah, it is kind of annoying.  I'm really tired of buying baby food because it stinks and it looks gross.

One day when we were feeling like jerk parents, we decided to give him a pickle just to see the crazy faces he would make and laugh at his expense.  It sort of worked, except that it didn't work whatsoever.  He loved them so much.  The kid stinkin' loves pickles. 

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